Capability Analysis & Scenario Tools.

“Complexity and uncertainty are facts of life. We build tools that put you back in control.”

Complex Insights, Simply Delivered

Capability Analysis and Scenario Tools (CAST) offer a set of deep analysis and scenario testing tools that can be tailored to your needs. We look at your data in new, more accessible ways, and use the latest computational advances to give you a strategic edge.

By having a comprehensive understanding of how a set of strategies will impact your workforce, your assets, your budgets and ultimately the success of your mission, you will be in a position to build capability and value.

Complex problems require sustainable solutions

CAST blends effective cultural and business change with constantly evolving technologies to support strategic transformation.

Our products and services combine machine learning and advanced analytics with domain expertise across Defence and Security, Emergency Services, Natural Resources, Healthcare and Financial Services sectors.

We deliver a comprehensive understanding of how a set of strategies will impact your workforce, your assets, your budgets and ultimately the success of your mission.

Armed with this; you’ll be in a position to build lasting capability and value.

Our Philosophy

Meaningful change can be supported with the data you already have.

We are more than advice-givers and technical experts - we believe that long term, scalable tools require a people-led approach, focussed on accountability, that stands up to scrutiny.

We offer a flexible approach to commercial arrangements, IP ownership, deployment, support and risk; always with a careful focus on people and transparency.

The CAST Product Suite.

Capability Analysis and Scenario Tools - bridging advanced analytics with deep domain expertise to realise outcomes and improve efficiency.

Defence and Security, Emergency Services, Natural Resources, Healthcare, Financial Services.

How do you win and retain staff or customers? How do you prevent churn? What can you do to avoid recruiting mismatched candidates? Who are your most valuable customers, or employees?

How can you predict when maintenance is required? How do you reduce cost-of-ownership? Can you improve availability? How can a product be improved to increase customer satisfaction?

Communication is the lifeblood of your business. Your reports and visualisations need to be be easy to use and flexible. They also need to tell a story.

What is CAST?

CAST is our leading product. It brings together a suite of simulation, scenario-testing and machine learning tools that work together to identify strategic initiatives, assess impact and drive lasting change.

What does CAST do?
Deployed as a cloud-hosted SaaS or as an on-premises solution, CAST maps out your organisation’s resources and demands, predicts shortfalls and bottlenecks and unravels hidden patterns. Most importantly, it lets you identify and test ways to mitigate risk, save costs and maximise performance.
With machine learning and advanced analytics at its core, and embedding state of the art Business Intelligence (BI) tools, it streamlines the whole process of transforming raw data into clear insights and evidence driven actions.
CAST can help you:
  • Assess the impact of new strategic or operational initiatives
  • Predict people and asset shortfalls and excesses
  • Optimise resource allocation over time
  • Uncover the drivers of better performance
  • Save or re-allocate costs
All of this happens in a secure environment; integrating seamlessly with your core data systems. All relevant data and reports are hosted as a single source of truth.
Algorithms to drive deep, predictive insights
DeepCAST is a series of tested and proven people-centric and sensor-centric Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms.
Organisations that manage large workforces, large customer-bases, large asset-pools or all of these need to understand the drivers of behaviour.
From employee turnover to customer churn and retention and big data sensor analytics, DeepCAST exposes hidden patterns and levers, allowing you to drive better outcomes with the data you already have.
DeepCAST can help you:
  • Predict and prevent customer churn before it happens
  • Build data-driven customer personalisation strategies
  • Understand the key drivers of employee retention
  • Optimise equipment maintenance and minimise failure risk
  • Analyse sensor data and uncover hidden patterns
Simple, effective communication of your data
BroadCAST converts your datasets, spreadsheets, desktop databases and hard-won insights into compelling presentations and reports that win arguments and overcome resistance to change.
It is an off-the-shelf SaaS or on premises solution, embedding Tableau, Power BI and other BI tools to professionalise your output in a matter of hours. It can be used to support ad-hoc presentations, to articulate new performance management frameworks, or even manage your entire reporting workflow.
BroadCAST can be set up swiftly, connect to your data and offer a secure, self-service and fully flexible visualisation toolset, providing that vital first step towards strategic change in your organisation.
The CAST approach

Comprehensive exploratory work that uncovers hidden pathways

Bespoke solutions that quickly point you in the right direction

Ongoing support and change management for lasting impact


Sometimes an urgent solution is required. We offer a quick, collaborative fix that is supported by expert data scientists and engineers. We identify and engage stakeholders, collate data and carry out immediate analyses that lead to evidence-based interventions.

Our leading Visualisation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques allow us to advise on how to embed accountable full spectrum decision support into your current business model at affordable cost, both right now and into the future.


When you need to prototype a decision support tool, we'll do it quicker, better, and at lower cost than our competitors.

We've been doing this for decades at the world's leading consultancies and tech companies - long before 'agility' was fashionable and wide-spread best practice. It’s not just our software tools that are agile; our business plan is strategically so.

We'll work closely with you to develop tools in just a few weeks. So you can concentrate on making your organisation work, demonstrating the value of evidence-based decision making at every level, and improving your performance, autonomy and accountability.


Ultimately , and only once you're confident you're on the right track, you may need our enterprise grade implementations, supported by leading change management approaches.

It’s about interfaces and engagement, scalability and security. Our expert team has successfully delivered applications and services supporting multi-billion dollar change programs. We can scale our support as you grow your capabilities


“We are open collaborators and hard workers who take decision support seriously, yet have fun delivering our innovative systems.”

Sometimes, strategic, analytical and technological thinking must come together with a pragmatic, ethical, human-focused approach; where connections and conversations come first in the truest cybernetic tradition.

UK-born Andrew has now settled permanently in Australia, is husband to Jelena and has two little people (and aspiring future coders) at home. Being a taxi-driver, front-line ICT support and portable climbing frame is high on his list of priorities.

Fearless business innovation and proven, sustainable growth mark Jeff apart. Careful focus on long-term relationships, accountability and enablement is what makes him unique.

Jeff is husband to Bernadette and Dad to three adult children. Somehow, he still manages to fit in a little private aircraft flying, squash, tennis and sailing. Jeff also has a management board position with the Ipswich Arts Foundation.

“We have a flat business structure that celebrates diversity, innovation and experience above all else. We've cherry-picked the very best that the industry can offer, in order to create sustainable change for our clients.”

Andrew Winnell


Andrew is future-focussed, results oriented and has led real strategic change from the beginning of a 15-year career spanning Europe, the US, South East Asia and Oceania in Consulting, Financial Services, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical and Defence Industries.

Andrew holds a BSc. (Econ & Stat) and MSc (Mgt, Sci & Ops. Research). More recently, Andrew’s focus has been the development of shared, sustainable value through agile tech, and the application of Systems Thinking to managing large and complex organisations.

Jeff Bugden AM

Non-Executive Director

Jeff brings an exceptional 45-year track-record in technical, managerial and executive roles throughout Australia. He established Ball Solutions Group (Australia) in 1996 - growing it to 200 employees - and established Kobold Group and SME Gateway in 2003 - achieving revenues of $50m in 2018.

Jeff is a Member of the Order of Australia and holds a B.Eng. (Elec) and MSc. (Avionics and Flight Controls). Jeff is also the holder of three diplomas (Administrative Studies, Science, Navigation Studies and Corporate Directors Studies). He is a Chartered Professional Engineer, a Fellow of Engineers Australia and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.

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